Our Approach

Dr. Wilson's approach is unique to each patient and he incorporates many different techniques depending on the patient's needs.  

treatment room

Prior to your first appointment, Dr. Wilson will request that you send him a 3-day food and drink consumption journal. With this information, Dr. Wilson examines the patient's orientation to food and drink.  The patient will also receive a survey which details many different conditions and allows them to voice their complaints on a varying scale.  Together, this allows Dr. Wilson to properly utilize his consultation and treatments in a manner that directly helps the patient. 

Dr. Wilson utilizes acupuncture during the consultation and subsequent treatments.  To assist with the healing process, Dr. Wilson may select Chinese herbal formulas.  These Chinese herbal formulas can include tincture, which include liquid extracts, pills, capsules, or teas, and are prepared at the patient's home.  Dr. Wilson also utilizes Morphogenic Field Technique to determine whether the patient may benefit from whole food supplements, which are easy for the body to digest and utilize because they are made directly from food.  Both Chinese herbal formulas and whole food supplements can be used with a myriad of conditions.

Dr. Wilson also may recommend diet and lifestyle changes.  These recommendations utilize different herbal orientations or homeopathics and can help those where it seems that different bodily systems are sluggish in their function.