Types of Care


Types of Care

Many individuals visit Dr. Wilson with a litany of issues, have had extensive workups with a number of specialists and either have nothing conclusive to show from these evaluations or have been told they will need to take some or many medications for the rest of their life.  It does not have to be that way. 

Many times, people come who are tired of taking pharmaceuticals realize that they are only controlling symptoms and not really treating and correcting the problem.  Dr. Wilson utilizes different types of evaluations and in conjunction with your physician; he has been able to have patients rid themselves of antidepressants, antacids, HBP medications and thyroid controlling hormone.  It has been a longstanding goal and achievement of Dr. Wilson to provide assistance to those who believe that they must live according to medication.

Dr. Wilson has also assisted many women who come to the clinic who are having trouble getting pregnant.  Dr. Wilson initially observed in a fertility clinic in China in 1986 and became fascinated in this type of care.  Through his training, Dr. Wilson has realized that sometimes the endocrine system is not quite as responsive during the pregnancy quest as it needs to be.  In addition, a lot of times there is an imbalance between the adrenals, thyroid, hypothalamus, and ovaries that can contribute to the lack of pregnancy.  Moreover, stress, environmental problems, poor diet, fatigue, lack of exercise, and lack of good health in the present or past all affect the probability of getting pregnant.  Dr. Wilson can help coordinate care and guidance through these problems and recommend numerous tests, which include blood and saliva testing, that most physicians do not include in their assessments.

Furthermore, Dr. Wilson has made a point of learning needling techniques so that anyone, regardless of age, can feel comfortable.  However, if the patient reacts in a negative manner to the needling techniques or if they have any concerns about discomfort, Dr. Wilson can use a use a cold type laser, which also stimulates the acupuncture points in the same manner as the needing technique.